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Please desactivate your add-blocker on this page to help this site to survive :)

1) How to register to the website ?

Registration are made automatically after sending a CR to the site via the topraider script

2) How to install the script.

- With Google Chrome or Firefox
* Check that Google Chrome or Firefox is up-to-date.
* If you don't have it, add TamperMonkey to Google Chrome or Firefox. If it's already installed, Check that it's up-to-date.
* Install the TopRaider script .

3) How to use this website

The TopRaider script has to be installed (see above).
Then you can send your CR to the site by clicking on or on to send all CRs of the page (see ogame message page).
At the first send, an email and a password will be asked to create you account on this website.

Once the email and password filled, you just have to click on the topraider's buttons (or open the detailed CR) to send them to the website.

Contact : vulca.topraider@gmail.com

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